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Search Data

Usage Specifications:
1. Ideally use the Mozilla Firefox browser.Download
2. Install the "Flash Player" to activate the widget.Download

Steps of use:
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1. Write the URL address:http://www.biologipedia.co.cc
or can directly go to Google and enter the keyword "biologipedia".

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2. Enter a keyword in the search column.
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3.Click the "Search" button to see results. To reinforce the search results. Biologipedia have 2 versions of the search result is "This Blog" and "The Web". Please select according to your needs.

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4.Here are the contents of the search results.
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5.Use the toolbar to clarify the written word search best results.

Similarly, we attach the data search tutorial. If there are things you want to ask. Please send criticism and suggestions to our editorial staff. Thank you.

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