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Fajar Martha (21 Years old)
Born in Jakarta, April 27, 1989. He is the founder of the first major online biology community in Indonesia. Student at the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta. He is a student of creative and often by his friend, he is better known as students of IT compared to biology students. because, frequent speaker "Training Technology" on campus and off campus. So at a young age, he was known as technopreneur.
However, he turned the reverse side of all the notion that, armed with computer science and biology, he mix as an advantage as a basic reference for the establishment of Biologipedia. The concept that he offers quite easy, using the database project work to be shared in cyberspace. Students who never got a chance lecture at Pennsylvania University. USA is in range of 1 year or less since the establishment of online communities biologipedia, has netted 4000 more biology member in Indonesia.

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