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If you (teachers, students, activists, researchers etc.) Interest and respect in community BIOLOGIPEDIA which address at http://www.biologipedia.co.cc in the hope that the future can be developed to the maximum.You can become a partner Biologipedia to help support develop a community to share knowledge and information by working as a donor in Biologipedia. Basically, the income from you, as donors, partners and sponsors are used, among others:
  • -For BPmanagement team for their hard work and effort of spilling all the ideas, creativity and also maintain the website traffic, the need to finance the operational and technical infrastructure such as the cost of the Internet, pay electricity bills and employee salaries.
  • -For Students to build an online educational laboratory support upgrade the subject matter preparation, procurement exercises and UN tryout without having to look for teachers, thus helping to understand this material to be easy and successful in tests, assignments, papers, journals and thesis. It is expected that with a good understanding, students will facilitate the test entered junior high school, senior high school and graduate from college. 

  • -For teachers, by helping to prepare mapping, KKM, RPP, Silabus, PROTA and PROSEM , analysis test practice questions,  training multimedia workshop and to help understanding of curriculum-based SBC(KTSP).

  • -For the environmental activist who continues to do speeches green campaign environmental conservation efforts and helping the volunteers to victims of natural disasters in Indonesia.

  • -To help finance the procurement of souvenirs and handicrafts.

  • -For scientists for their hard work in research and help provide information about the project, process and inter-university research, inter-agency and inter-state.

So, if you become a donatur in Biologipedia, then this community can active in social network and blogging, survive in biology forum, upgrades database and more specific. However, if you do not become donors, we also constantly strive to provide the best for you(title unsung heroes.) We inform, to maintain our existence to continue working for Indonesia. Biologipedia receive assistance in the form of money, articles, and other goods from you in a number of free and we do not limit, but must not interfere with idealism and independence Biologipedia. Whatever your help, Biologipedia would be very grateful.

Please send your support to one of our account:

Bank BNI Cab. Syarif Hidayatullah
No. Rek. 0135972495

Whatever the amount, we would be very grateful for the help and support. For more information, you can contact our service:
E-Mail: biologipedia.org@scientist.com
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