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Soal Latihan Bilingual SMP

1. Which statement below best describes definition of predator…
a. Only eat a half body a plant without kill it.
b. Only eat a half body animal without kill it.
c. Eat death animal, after other animal have killed it
d. Only eat animal after killed it

2. Considering the position in tropic level, vegetarian placed in…
a. predator
b. secondary consumer
c. first consumer
d. third consumer

3. Which food chain below is correct…
a. plant snake frog grasshopper
b. plant frog snake grasshopper
c. plant grasshoper snake frog
d. plant grasshopper frog snake

4. Which componet below sometimes do not exist in community….
a. water
b. decomposer
c. soil
d. plants

5. Which componet below playing role as produser…
a. zooplankton
b. bentos
c. fitoplankton
d. nekton

6. If one ecosystem contaminated with hazard metal, we can find the biggest accumulation in…
a. produser
b. top consumer
c. herbivore
d. carnivore

7. Ecological idiom that best describes some corn that live corn field is…
a. individu
b. community
c. species
d. population

8. Best explanation describes why rice field frog (katak sawah) and tree frog(katak sawah) rarely involve in competiton is…
a. different source of food
b. different species
c. different genus
d. different niche

9. Biodiversity is …
a. diversity of characteristic of living things
b. various kinds of living things
c. existence of living things in habitat
d. diversity of form and function various species of living things

10. Variety is …
a. difference among populations
b. diversity between two species
c. diversity of an individual
d. appearances of particular characteristic that makes one organism different from the other within the same species

11. The following actions can decrease biodiversity, except…
a. catching fishes by using chemicals
b. hunting for rare animals
c. opening new area by burning forest
d. establishing area for natural preservation

12. Internal factor below can cause biodiversity, except…
a. mutation
c. environment
b. recombination
d. DNA
13. Variation is shown by…
a. length of mango’s leaves in a tree is different
b. cactus plants has no leaves
c. rabbit and elephants have wide ear
d. the neck of giraffe is longer than the neck of goose
14. Which activity below gave positive impact to environment?
a. deforestation c. hunting rare animal
b. Illegal logging d. conservation
15. Biodiversity can occur in several levels...
a. environment, species, gene
b. gene, environment, ecosystem
c. gene, species, ecosystem
d. species, ecosystem, recombination

16. The tropical rain forest biome is found primarly near the…
a. artic circle
b. equator
c. tropic of cancer
d. tropic of carpicorn

17. Andi found characteristic of bioma below
a.Location in latitudes just south pole or north pole or at high elevations
b.Cold, dry, treeless region
c.Average daily temperature is about -12o C
d.Lichens, mosses, grasses and small shrubs dominating the area

18.Based on the characteristic, bioma that Andi found is…
a. Tundra
b. temperate rain forest
c. Taiga
d. Desert

19. Area where a river meets an ocean and contains a mixture of fresh water and salt water is called…
a. swamps
b. estuary
c. river
d. pond

20. Desert plants and animals are adapted for survival in the ………… environment
a. dry and hot and cold temperature
b. windy and cold temperature
c. warm temperature
d. wet and warm temperature

21. Based on the habitat, cacti is…
a. epiphyte
b. hydrophyte
c. xerophyte
d. saprophyte

22. A compound below very useful for environment is..
a. pesticide
b. DDT
c. humus
d. Industrial waste

23. Which organism below classified as rare animal
a. Decerorhinus sumatrensis
b. Panthera tigris
c. Citrus maxima
d. Pongo pygmaeus

24. The following things need to be considered when we exploit forest, except
a. logging should be controlled
b. reforestation is carried out
c. forest is prevented from fire
d. cut all trees in the forest

25. Below are benefits of biodiversity for human being, except
a. Source of income
b. Source of germplasm
c. Benefit of beauty
d. Source endanger species

26. Sheep and cow are not the same species because…
a. their foods are different
b. walk using four feet
c. their body shapes are similar
d. they cannot produce fertile offspring
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