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Since the early emergence Biologipedia, we intend as a means of learning and sharing information about the Biology Science and Biology Education. Here it implies that we wanted to share what we know, but on the other hand we also want to acquire knowledge from other biological companions. Because for us

"Small science will be more valuable when shared than a science major who just saved his own"

Well, for that we are not trying to position itself as the absolute owner Biologipedia, but we also want to Biologipedia also be perceived as a common good for all of us who want to seriously learn about biology either novice or expert.

For that we open the doors as wide as for those of you who want to share their knowledge and science through Biologipedia. How that is to be a "Guest Writer" at Biologipedia.

By becoming a guest writer you can write an article that will be posted on this blog and read by every visitor of this blog. You will still be recognized as the owner of the article you give, and your name will be listed in the article as a writer. So with so you can share your knowledge with this blog community, and you still will be recognized existence. And for this you No registration fee or fees (VOLUNTARY) .

If you are interested in becoming Guest Author on this Blog, here's the rules:  

This article was themed around science and biology education.
  1. 1.The length of the article max 300 word, 1.5 space, A4 paper to each posting.  
  2. 2.Max loaded paper for the 1st time post.
  3. 3.Include supporting images for each article, or provide the URL address of the image that is used to support the article.
  4. 4.Articles must be original results of your writing, not copy and paste from the article and put the source.
  5. 5.This article has not been posted on the web / other blogs before, including website / blog writer himself. Include author's name, email, and address handphone number, your blog or website, if there is no website/blog or handphone number simply put the name of the author email.
  6. 6.Article written in the format. DOC and sent via e-mail: biologipedia.org @ scientist.com.
  7. 7.One person can submit more than one article, try with a different theme for each article in a posting.
  8. 8.In the article you are prohibited from using No SARA. Write articles that could provide positive information, actual, reliable and useful for others.
  9. 9.This blog admin has the authority to review and editing as necessary prior to the article posted on this blog. To adjust the theme that will be built in this blog.
  10. 10.It is not yet delivered today, will be presented later in additional points via Email.

Well, if your hobby of writing articles and authors interested in being our guest, we invite you to immediately send your articles to us for our post on this blog. Let's share knowledge about biology through to the advancement of education biology in Indonesia.

Submit your writing to: biologipedia.org @ scientist.com. Our door wide open to all who want to share with others. Insya Allah helpful to us.



Founder CEO Biologipedia
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